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How to create NFTs high resolution surface pattern designs

by Roberto Ruotolo 26 May 2022
How to create NFTs high resolution surface pattern designs

Make NFTs with Patterntag surface pattern design and start selling easily


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token, in a simpler way we can essentially explain that it is a completely unique object in the world, in more detail we can explain that an NFT is unique, irreplaceable and not interchangeable.

You will well understand that the opposite is something fungible or substitutable. In fact, the classic bills that you have in your pocket are fungible, for example you can easily exchange a $ 20 bill with someone else's $ 20 bill or two $ 30 bills and they will still allow you to buy the same $ 30 of a particular one. product. Examples of fungible goods can also be made of digital products such as an MP3 music file is fungible because you can copy all the data and the new file will give you exactly the same musical experience as the original. You can buy a surface pattern design on Patterntag to create your NFTs, in fact they are high resolution TIFF files that you can freely modify for commercial use all over the world, you will quickly and easily receive the digital file in digital download ready to be downloaded and edited by you!

Examples of non-fungible elements

For example, a non-fungible element is a monument: there is only one Colosseum. It is located in Rome and there are many tourists who visit it. There may be miniature reproductions but there is only one Colosseum in the world: only the original has real value.

A house can have the same look or style but is not exactly in the same position as another and is therefore unique.

A ticket for a play or cinema is not always the same, in fact they will have different numbered seats, such as for example Your ticket for Harry Potter is for seat A12 and another is for B03. They are two slightly different tickets from the same film, looking at the film from a slightly different angle and it is unique indeed.

For this reason, NFTs are the future of art and thanks to Patterntag you can buy high resolution surface pattern designs to modify them as you wish and create unique Tokens by customizing them as you like thanks to the commercial license included !.

Why have NFTs been successful? Because NFT art are unique and compared to traditional art they live off modern public blockchain technology, so even if they are bought by a private collector, they do not vanish into thin air for the rest of eternity; in fact everyone can still appreciate and enjoy them, think of how many incredible works by Michelangelo will never see the light of day because they are hidden in some dusty attic of collectors ?.

Blockchain technology allows you to see and verify exactly who created a work of art, when they created it and how much it was sold for, everyone who bought it and who owns it now. This is all completely public information. Have you found an interesting work of art that you want to buy but don't know how to do it? You are just one click away to find out who currently owns it and how much they paid for it. Useful if you want to make them an offer.

This technology is tamper proof. If you attempt to copy an NFT, you are simply creating a new and unique NFT, produced by you and not by the original artist / creator. Sure, you can then sell this copy to someone, but it's probably not the original. How much money have art investors wasted on highly compelling art that turned out to be fake?

When you buy an NFT, you own it. Only you have the password for your wallet. Nobody can take it away from you. You can sell it to anyone else in the world in minutes if you wish, without international border inspections. No courier can break it by turning a corner. You can't accidentally spoil it and it can't draw a new face on it.

One of the most interesting features? NFTs do not have to be static and can move, in fact you can own a rare animation, a movie, a game, a virtual reality experience, a collector's item.

Should you create NFT?


This is the beginning of a revolution. No, really. The NFT world is about to explode and not just in the art sector. The world is evolving.

It won't be long before everything works on blockchain technology. You can already get loans and buy houses with this new technology !.

Do you want to create unique and customized NFT graphics based on your ideas? Buy now a consultation to create a customized high resolution TIFF surface pattern design based on your creative idea with the ease of a click.

How do i start buying NFT?


Once the NFTs are purchased, they are stored in a special type of digital wallet. The most popular is called MetaMask. You can install it as a browser extension or you can download the app on your phone.

This wallet is like a digital bank account but more modern. A bank account that only you can access and that no one else can close or block. It is an account that can store a lot more than just one currency. You can keep all kinds of cryptocurrencies in there as well as your super funky NFT collection.

Most NFT markets require you to pay in a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, although other cryptocurrencies are also supported based on the target market, if you don't currently have Ethereum in your wallet, Metamask allows you to easily purchase some.

Start building NFTs with ready-to-use graphics right away

You just have to start creating NFTs in the fastest and fastest way, that is, using the Patterntag graphics in digital download and you will simply have to start modifying the designs in order to make them unique !.

You will find a vast archive of surface pattern designs divided by categories ready to be downloaded and modified as you wish.


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