Choose Surface Pattern Design Patterntag for your creations

Choose Surface Pattern Design Patterntag for your creations

Discover the most modern and trendy surface pattern design of the moment

Patterntag offers a vast archive of surface pattern designs in high definition TIFF format available in digital download, ready to be used in any creative project or to print them on any medium.
What is Surface Pattern Design? The pattern is a decorative motif that by repeating itself endlessly creates a continuous design, reproducible on different materials and surfaces: it can be used in various sectors such as clothing, textile production, home decor, fashion, stationery, ceramics, car wrapping.
The surface pattern designs that you can view on our site can also be printed on fabrics, obtaining unique and personalized fabrics, giving life to all your creative ideas.
Once you have purchased the pattern design on the Patterntag website, you will receive your order in digital download in the email to download the graphics in high resolution.

What kind of license do I buy with Patterntag designs?

All Pattern Design patterns are sold under commercial use license and are non-exclusive, which means they can be purchased and used by various licensees. Licensees are permitted to modify the designs and adapt them to suit their intended use. Duplication, Sub-Licensing or Resale as well as the use of elements or parts of the design for company logos or brands are prohibited.

On which support can I print the surface pattern designs that I purchase in digital download?

Patterntag allows you to print the surface pattern designs present on the site on fabrics or any support, allowing you to give life to any creative project.
The pattern designs can be purchased in digital download all over the world, they are ready-to-use graphics in high resolution TIFF format, useful for your print on demand or clothing store.